McDugald Hörnquist International  




MHI – making you sound like English is your native language.


Today, the English-speaking world encompasses some of the most lucrative markets for many products and services. Moreover, English has become the international medium for communication between non-English speakers as well and is the lingua franca of the EU. Whether you are a small, local company looking to expand abroad or a national agency seeking international cooperation, English is the key.


Don’t risk losing business, causing confusion or appearing unprofessional.  Be sure to entrust translations of these documents to a professional.

·            Your annual reports tell who you are, what you have done and where you are going. 

·            Your press releases can create a tide of response in new markets. 

·            Your marketing material can attract customers and defines your image. 

·            Technical manuals and legal contracts set up guidelines and expectations for your business. 


MHI‘s founder, Eric Gannon Hörnquist, began to build the foundation of the company in 2002 and it was officially registered in Q1 of 2003.  The value of MHI lies in Mr. Hörnquist’s considerable cross-discipline, international experience and education.  MHI can help you with translations of:


·    Annual and interim reports

·    Press releases

·    Marketing and communications

·    Contracts

·    Technical documentation

·    Websites and PR


Mr. Hörnquist is also a Public Authorized Translator and can provide official, stamped translations.