Qualifications       MBA       Cornell University                                                                                     

                             MSc       Chalmers University of Technology                                                          

                             BSc       University of Florida                                                                                 

                             BA         University of Florida                                                                                 


Background Summary




I was initially an engineering major at the University of Florida, but German literature quickly became my passion.


Upon successfully completing two separate degrees at two separate colleges of the university (not a dual major), I moved to Germany to work at the Bayer factory in Leverkusen and live in Cologne. After just six months, I relocated to Sweden to begin graduate engineering studies and have been based there ever since.


After working as a research engineer and completing my graduate engineering degree, I went to the Ivy League school of Cornell University to earn my MBA, specializing in management consulting. I then returned to Sweden and began my corporate career.


Besides R&D work on radar systems, my professional background includes experience as an IT security specialist, a manager in software development and quality assurance, and several years as a management consultant. I also worked for nearly five years as a teacher. Since opening for business, translation and copywriting have been my full focus.


I am a citizen of Sweden and the United States. English is my mother tongue and I am fluent in Swedish and German. I also translate from Norwegian and Danish into English.